:: Vision ::

Our School seeks to develop an excellent student in its lessons, with a strong determination to succeed, a student with different abilities to face technological developments.

Our School seeks to develop a student who is able to take responsibility and treat with respect his teachers, friends and the school environment.

Our School seeks to enhance the student's belonging to his society and his country, proud of his culture and his Arabic language.

The faculty work in the school to provide all this with love and respect for all its students and attention to provide the needs for them according to their various abilities in order to enhance the sense of security and self-confidence of each of them.

The school inspires students' curiosity and gives them high thinking skills and analytical skills.

The school recognizes the importance of imparting educational technology and communication among students, teachers and parents as a fundamental and vital goal of modern intellectual development and the relevance of the education system for the 21st century.